Sunday, October 11, 2009

.:Enam:.The OFFICIAL First Day of Kulliyyah

OMG, my faculty is like the one in Andalas and Padang.

Since the faculty has received more and more Malaysian students, it seems like the faculty really makes a kidding. With the rise of tuition fees and total number of students like 1000++, no wonder they want to renovate the old buildings.

Yes, this is the renovation progress which takes place in my faculty, and those things are dumped in the hallway to the lecture hall. At the first sight we thought that we were in Padang, where the universities are collapsed due to the earthquakes, hahaha..

But still, thanks to the University, we got the chance in this year to have a newly renovated lecture hall, with proper air-conditioning (Egypt is HOT, but winter is approaching), and we finally started our first day of kulliyyah in this lecture hall with more shocking news...

Our lovely Anatomy lecturer, Prof. Dr. Huda et-Tahri made an announcement, which have been a great havoc in Facebook, I think. There will be four exams this year; midterm 1, midyear, midterm 2 and final exams. There will also be changes in marking format. While the written in final exam still constitutes 50% of the marks, there will be additional exams, as previously mentioned, students presentations (OMG, help me!) and in-group students activities.

Again thanks to the University, now we have to always study and study and study....
(it should be like this, right? because I am a medical student???)

Never mind, let's talk about the classes.

I woke up earlier, went to the University on time, and I was upset because there were changes in our time table. Our new time-table is not that pack, so pray for me that I will be spared from group 13 (This group will have practical session up to 6 p.m.. Here, 6 p.m. is like 9 p.m. in Malaysia).

The latest second year time table

Having been to University an hour earlier than our supposed class, we just hanged out and ngumpat-ngumpat mana yang patut dan dibenar, hahaha. So yesterday, 10 October 2009, we had lectures for all the subjects; Anatomy, Physiology, Histology and Biochemistry from 11.00 a.m. to 5 p.m.. They were all quite interesting, since they will be all new things to be learned.

I may have practical sessions today, but I don't think they will be any of them since it is the first week of class and normally they will only start on the second or third ones. And if this information is wrong, then I have a great excuse not to attend one. I catch a fever and it is the University regulation for the students to stay at home while sick to decrease the risk of infection.

Hope I'll get well soon, because tomorrow I will have lectures. Pray for me, will you?

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