Thursday, October 1, 2009

.:Dua:. Life Is What They Call Experience.

Huhu. Time's moving bloody fast, isn't it?
Seriously I feel like I just began the summer holiday in July (mine a little bit earlier than others, since my exams ended in mid June).
Than I spent nearly a week in Matrouh, what a nice beach.

Family beach. Here the sea is not so deep and the current is not so strong that I thought I was swimming in a pool!

Agibah (magnificent, wonderful) beach.

Hamam (Bathroom?) Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. The interior of this big rock was curved so that sea-water will impound inside making a pool and that lovely Queen could what? I don't think she could swim inside it.

Abyad (white) beach.

After that I got a chance to go to an oasis named Fayyoum. Went to a mango farm and to a so-called waterfall which drains into a lake (an oasis actually). I also saw the punishment of Allah to Qarun, which happened to be a cadaver-like-smell lake. O Allah, that lake is so big, how wealth the Qarun actually was? But nonetheless, that wealth are useless if one turns against Allah's commends.

Qarun lake.

Sun flowers farm.

Mango farm.

They even plant grapes in that farm. Here in Egypt, grapes are grew in summer.

Waterfall. I made a jump-dive. Seriously, it was AWESOME!

What we call these ones? Yeah, WATERMILLS. The technology of watermills in Egypt can be traced back to the Pharaoh ages, and they said that these mills came from Prophet Yousef era, which I personally doubted it since these mills were made from woods and they have been damped in water so long that I think they cannot last for thousands years. (Hello, Prophet Yousef was the ancestor of Prophet Mosses, remember?)

Then I got my result, which make me smile a lot but still I
failed one paper which I have to resit for that paper in the end of August.

And subsequently, Ramadhan el-Kareem finally came. The celebration of fasting was somehow meaning something to me. I learned a great lesson this Ramadhan.

'So many things, yet so little times'

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