Friday, April 16, 2010

.:Enam Belas:. Kamu

A friend of mine, as I knew him early when I was schooling in SIS, wrote this lovely prayer. I really like it, as it tells you what a brotherhood means.

"O God bless him whenever he is, and keep him in the path towards You.
O God if you want to make him suffer let him suffer in thinking of You alone, or You let me suffer as well.
O God bless him with friends better than I could offer myself to him, love I wish I myself could attain and affection the whole humanity could offer throughout this tedious journey of his.
O God let people love him more than how I was loved, and let him burn in the sweet thoughts of Your Grace.
O God when he is in confusion, lend him Your Hands of Blessings, O God when he is in pain, send him Elixir of Serenity, O God when he is sad, remove his sadness and let me feel it instead.
O God when he is alone, send him Joy, O God when he is troubled, send him Light, O God when he is angry, send him Consolation."

p/s: May God The Almighty bless you and him as well.

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