Saturday, February 18, 2012

.:28:. First Day

Well, first day is not great, I think. But at least I know my body well.

I started the day by 2 pieces of homemade whole wheat bread with an omelet at 7 o'clock. Later on the noon, I have one cup of yogurt blended together with ice and artificial mango flavor, which is really sweet, and which I regret. Then for the really late dinner, 10 pm, since I slept early in the evening, I had a cup of rice with kari assam pedas without coconut milk.

I swallowed one Metformin with breakfast and one with dinner.

Let's reflect myself for today, shall we?

I think 2 pieces of whole wheat bread with an omelet is awesome for breakfast, and I should really stick to the 7 am breakfast. For lunch, while it is good to have milk or its dairy product, I should not have it with processed table sugar, since it has high number of glycemic index, and I should substitute the artificial mango flavor with any real fruit like banana, apple or guava, without adding any granulated table sugar.

Late dinner is really a no-no! I should eat before 7 pm, with much less carbohydrate! One cup of rice is really much, and I should make it half only! Being a Malay does not restrict my diet to follow the western style of recipe, I can have the delicious curry assam (without coconut milk) with rice and accompanied by lot of veggie. YUMMY!

And since I do not have any aerobic exercise today, I should be on the wheel tomorrow! 3 hours after dinner, around 10 pm, then take bath and go to sleep. TOMORROW! Do not try to cheat.

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